Fish Spa in Thailand


It was raining and I was curious….you see these Fish Spa  places all over Asia.  So, for 100Baht (about $3) why not.


They start by cleaning your feet with a solution.  I think it’s to balance the Ph to make sure the fish will be ok.


Next, you sit on the bench and put your feet in the water.  It takes a minute or two but soon the fish will swarm you.


It feels pretty strange when they start eating the dead skin…hundreds of fish swarming kind of tickles.


As you can see above, they get quite attached to you.

All in all it wasn’t a bad experience but I’m not sure they really did anything.  Seems like a gimmick to me.  They are supposed to eat the callouses and make your feet soft but I didn’t notice much difference afterwards.  For $3, it wasn’t bad but I doubt I will do it again.

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