Mui Ne Vietnam

Mui Ne Vietnam is a friendly beach town close to Ho Chi Minh City on the China Sea.  Like all places I’ve been in Vietnam, everything was very clean, the people are super friendly and the prices are great.  I highly recommend a visit to Mui Ne to anyone who plans to visit the country.  The bus from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) stopped in front of the Sand Dune hotelDSC02516 DSC02513We checked a couple hotels nearby but ended up staying at the Sand dune for $12 per night.  They had nicer hotels in the area directly on the beach but I feel this was the best value for the dollar.  The room, pictured above, was better than most value accommodations I have stayed at anywhere in the world.  Plus, the night shift desk clerk brought his puppies to work…very cute!DSC02463 Pictured below is a map of the area. I used this to chart our adventures. DSC02394 The Sand Dunes hotel has a restaurant, travel agency and scooter rental office in their lobby.  I rented one of their newer scooters for $5 per day.  Pictured below is a local fueling us up for lots of area exploring.DSC02413

According to a very popular travel book, there is supposed to be a surf break on Mui Ne beach.  Looking for this beach was top priority since I hadn’t been on a board since Kata Beach Thailand.


Unfortunately, the South China Sea was pretty flat but it did provide for beautiful backdrops for pictures.  The water was clean, clear and warm.

DSC02395DSC02399DSC02417 DSC02415DSC02420

Mui Ne is a beautiful place with many 5-star resorts but it was strange to not see a single guest at any of the ones visited.  Each resort had plenty of staff working but no visitors.  When I asked, they explained that it is off season and they only get locals on the weekend during this time of year.


With no surf in site, a tour of the area led to the “Fairy Stream”.  It was a 2k hike on a small stream to a waterfall.


Pictured above are our “guides”…not that a person could get lost walking up the shallow stream.  They were school age children who needed money for school supplies.  We were happy to donate.  They brought us about 1/4 of the way and turned back to guide more guests. lol  There were not too many people that day so I suppose they needed to make the most of their time.


Erosion of the soft sand over time has created very cool features on the banks of the stream.


And finally…the small waterfall.


More exploring along the Ho Chi Minh Trail led to the only resort to rent surfboards.  I failed to get the name of the resort when there and could not locate it on the map.  It was about an hour scooter ride North of Mui Ne.


This resort was very nice but also deserted.  It was strange to see a staff of about 30 people all dressed up in silk robes waiting on our every need.  Even though we were not staying at the resort but just visiting for the day they made us feel quite welcome.  The resort and all amenities were at our disposal.


Pictured above is the resort…with no guests.  Below is the only wave caught in Vietnam.  Body surfing was the way to go on this day.  Although the surf rental person promised waves in the days to come…I never saw them 🙁


Overall, Mui Ne Vietnam was a highlight of the trip.  The people were great and the area is beautiful.  I found the food to be quite good and inexpensive.  I ate at many restaurants during my stay but often chose the Strawberry because it was the best value for my money.  Through my journeys I look for places where one can stretch a budget.  I try to find the best balance between cost and quality.  Vietnam offers high quality at a very affordable price.  It is high on my list of countries worth a repeat visit.

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