Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

My Asia journey continued to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  I arrived at KUL and had plenty of time till the next flight so I decided to tour the city.  Getting around Kuala Lumpur is pretty easy with their transit system.  I caught the train from KUL to KLIA Central.  The tickets were not cheep though; about $11 per person.


The train was very clean and very easy to navigate the city on.  The route was displayed on big screen TVs and announcements included English translation.



The train stopped near Central market so we did some shopping along the way.


Everything was quite expensive in Kuala Lumpur.  This coffee was about $5 per cup.  Not a good deal but it was nice to get out of the rain for a bit.


Our next form of transport was the city bus system.  After talking to the locals in the University area, we found that certain city bus lines are free.  This one took us pretty close to the Petronas Towers.


Although too late for tickets to the observation area we still got some pretty good photos.


Bathrooms at the Petronas Mall were quite clean but, like other places in Asia, they were “bomb-drop” toilets.  It takes a bit of getting used to


Pictured above is the fountain.

Kuala Lumpur is a very cool city. I guess it would be much better if you had a lot of money to spend. It is an international city with everything to offer.  Being on a budget, I would probably skip the city tour next time personally.  With the $100 spent that day, I could have spent a week in many other value destinations in the world.  I love to travel and value experience for the dollar.  I am not suggesting that Kuala Lumpur is not a great destination but it just doesn’t fit my thrifty travel lifestyle.

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