Kuta Beach, Bali Indonesia

Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia where tourists flock by the thousands.  Most tourists will arrive on the island through Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport (DPS).  Located in Southern Bali, it provides access to most of the islands surf breaks.   Bali: “surfer’s paradise” or at least it says so in the customs section on arrival at the airport.  At first, I did not see what the hype was about because Kuta beach was not much different than Florida sand breaks.  After taking the scooter to Uluwatu and surrounding areas during a swell, I can see how it gets the name.  Kuta is the ideal area for lodging, dining, shopping and entertainment though.  There are tons of hotels, restaurants and bars around the Legion Street area.  If you are comfortable enough to rent a scooter to explore other beaches during the day, Kuta is the perfect home base for the area.  Upon arrival, with no reservations and limited knowledge of the area, I took the taxi driver’s advice and stayed at an inexpensive hotel across the street from the Discovery Mall on JL Kartika Plaza Street.  The hotel was inexpensive enough, under $30 per night, but did not have beach access within walking distance.


After renting a scooter and looking around the area, we found the Karma Lhinda II hotel for $24 per night.  I was unable to locate a link for this hotel but it shares a property with Easy Surf with access beside the Circle K just north of Beach Walk Mall on JL Pantai Kuta street.


Just across the street from the hotel was a beech access and surfboard rentals.  The owners sold cold beer from their cooler and provided chairs to sit in and entertainment too.


Surfing Kuta Beach was not much different than FL.  It was a sand break with mostly small waves.  When the surf got bigger, it was mostly close-outs.


DSC02678 DSC02733

We did find a big tube near legion street 🙂

Kuta Beach has everything a tourist could want…except a great surf break.  It is ideal for beginners and there are many surf schools.  If you crave big hollow waves then you need to travel South to Dreamland, Bingim, Padang-Padang or Uluwatu.  Traffic is a bit crazy here so scooting to these areas is not for the faint of heart.

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