Uluwatu Bali Indonesia

Uluwatu is a town on the South-West part of the Bukit Peninsula about 40km from Kuta.  This area consists of limestone cliffs and coral reef beaches.  These beaches are also known for the best surf breaks in Bali…many of which are expert level due to the shallow reefs and large hollow waves.


There are many protected coves where the water is calm clean and clear.


Above the Uluwatu surf break is a village built into the Cliffside with bars and restaurants.  We had a great view of the many surfers out during a swell with double-overhead waves.


It’s hard to get a proper perspective of the wave from my camera but this section jacks up and many surfers were getting deep into the barrel on this wave.


Uluwatu Temple is also adjacent to the surf break.  There you will find a large temple built on top of the cliff inhabited by hundreds of monkeys.  Be careful though.  They are attracted to shiny objects and are known for stealing stuff from tourists.


At the temple entrance, they sell bananas and peanuts and will also lend male visitors a sarong to meet temple dress code.  Skip the Sarong sales people in the parking lot and tip the temple staff.

DSC02694 DSC02695DSC02696

The temple provides very picturesque views from the cliff top.



Uluwatu is a great place for pro-level surfers or people who do not mind spending lots of money.  It would be a gorgeous honeymoon location.  Since  I am budget conscious during my travels, it was better to visit than stay here.  The guests in this town are somewhat captive in that there are not a lot of choices for shopping, dining and entertainment.  Scooter rentals and lots of commuting to other locations is a must to find the best values.

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