The Rolex 24hr at Daytona…What race? I’ve been partying in the infield all day


The Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona may be a great race for auto enthusiast but it also happens to be a massive infield party / sleep over with your new drunk friends.  With accommodations ranging from hundreds of thousand dollar RVs to tents in the grass and everything in between; there are all types of people.  Walking around from party to party is what it is all about.  It is also a carnival atmosphere with a giant Ferris Wheel, other rides and lots of food and beer booths.  For those who are into racing…there is a lot for you too.  All of auto manufacturers have tents and displays, you can see the pit crews work from just feet away; oh…and also the race.  If you are into racing or just nearby when the event is going on, attending this race is a must.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this year but will surely attend the race again.

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