Chiang Mai

DSC01811We arrived in Chiang Mai and were greeted by our friends Sean, Kate and her daughter Coniga (monkey).  Our stay at Kate’s house is where the Chiang Mai adventures began.


Our first visit was to the Doi Suthep temple on the outskirts of  town.  This is a very active Buddhist  temple with many monks offering prayer and blessings to the visitors.

DSC01828The golden inner temple has a bone from Buddha inside as all large Buddhist temples do.    DSC01852 Outside, you will find many street vendors selling local treats.  We passed on the Worms and Crickets today though.  DSC01849

I’m not sure why the dog had eyebrows painted on but I’m sure it was for tips of some sort.  DSC01848

On the way up, we chose to take the cable car but walked down the many stairs on the way out.  This temple is quite elaborate and I would recommend a visit to anyone who travels to the area.


Our next adventure took us to the city of Pai.  This was a great stop covered in another post.  The motorbike ride to Pai is a great road trip.  762 curves up and down the mountain provides a fun ride.  There are lots of roadside stores that sell food, snacks and fuel.  They make perfect stops for when you get the “numb bum”.


After our Pai adventure, we visited Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai.


This was a hands-on place where you could either walk around and see the tigers or have the option to pay $40 to go inside the pens with a trainer for a more personal meeting with them.


Our trainer advised us not to pet their heads and paws or approach them from the front otherwise they will think we are trying to play with them…and they play rough 🙂


We were able to pet them and cuddle with the ones napping.


This little one seemed to like the contact.


It was well worth the money and a highlight of the trip.  I highly recommend a visit to Tiger Kingdom to anyone who is looking for something to do around Chiang Mai.


Another local attraction is the Chiang Mai waterfall.  It is a great place to pack a lunch and hang out with your friends.  People slide down the waterfall for an 8 foot drop into a deep pool of water.  There is also a rope and tree next to the pool where people swing or jump in from the higher branches.


After many adventures, it was laundry time.  The traditional way of doing this is by hand in a couple of pans.


Chiang Mai has a very active night life.  There are many restaurants and bars who cater to tourists and locals too.  We had a nice dinner at a roof-top restaurant overlooking the canal and one of the many bar districts.


There are also many local markets throughout the city.  These markets have everything from fresh meat and produce to household products and souvenirs.



After visiting Kate’s house and seeing the local sites, it was time to catch a flight to Bangkok to get a bus to Cambodia


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