Pai Northern Thailand


Pai is a very cool town North of Chiang-Mai.  You can get there by bus, bike, scooter or even cab.  All modes of transport should prove to be an adventure since the route takes to you over a mountain with hundreds of curves.  Once there, you will find a cute little town with a hippy vibe.  There are lots of shops selling local art, clothes and local crafts. There are also tons of street vendors and restaurants to keep you fueled up while walking the streets.


The night-life in Pai is very active.  You will find many restaurants and bars filled with tourists and locals alike.


The Pad-Thai here was very good.


On the route, we found a lover’s lookout point where people bring their sweeties for rose tea and bananas.


Another near-by attraction is a waterfall.


It was off-season when we visited (late August 2013) but we found the accommodations to be quite reasonable. We stayed in a little bungalow about 1/4 mile away from the strip for $8 per night.


Pai is a great town with friendly people, inexpensive prices and wonderful atmosphere.

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