Siem Reip Cambodia

Siem Reip is a city in Cambodia with a lot to offer.  By the river, there is a shopping district with hundreds of shops selling just about anything you can imagine.  Across the river in the Pub-street district, you will find hundreds of bars, restaurants and street vendors selling just about any cuisine you can imagine.  Shopping by day and plenty of night life too….but that’s not all.  There are seven temple sites in the area too.


Our journey began at the state park ticket office.  There are different tickets available depending on your plans.  They have anything from one-temple one-day tickets to all-temples seven-day tickets and anything in between.  We chose the All-Temple one day ticket.  We decided to see the most popular three temples and discussed the schedule with our driver.


Our Temple tour started at Angkor Wat.  This is the largest religious monument in the world.


Built in the early 12th century, the architecture and carvings are quite impressive.


This is a picture of the outer wall and the courtyard inside.


These pictures are of the entrance to the inner courtyard.


Inside are hallways and buildings surrounding the inner courtyard.  Many of these contain Buddha statues and intricate carvings.


Pictured above is one of four pits used for bathing prior to entering the inner most courtyard and inner temple.


Though constantly under repair and maintenance, the inner-most courtyard is even more elaborate with its buildings and carvings.


Pictured above is the inner-most temple and pictures below are views of the temple site from inside the temple.


Angkor Don or Angkor Thom was the next temple on our tour. Maybe there is some confusion with our guide but I thought we were at Thom.  After researching the temple site online, I see this temple called many things including Prasat Bayon.  Either way, this is the temple with many faces.  It was very cool to be there in person.



The last Temple on our tour was Ta Prohm (the Tomb Raider temple).  This temple was also built in the 12th century but was abandoned and neglected in the 17th century.  It is quite impressive to realize that the trees growing through the walls are hundreds of years old.



Pictured above is the famous tree pictured in Indiana Jones Temple of Doom and Tomb Raider movies.  The camera just doesn’t capture the scale of this tree.



This picture is from the other side and still doesn’t capture the whole tree.




Organizations are restoring portions of the temple and securing portions that in jeopardy of falling.



Seeing these temples is a very powerful experience.  For me, the sheer scope and detail is amazing.



The end of the day was nice too.  Apparently, we were not the only people with sore feet.  There are dozens of foot massage places around Pub-Street.  Our one hour foot massage came with a cold beer for $3!



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