How to install a doggie door in a hollow core door

DSC01574After Stinky visited his cousins in LA, we decided he needed a doggie door at home too.  He likes to go outside to lay in the sun and chase lizards and bugs.

In stalling a doggie door is pretty easy but there are a few considerations the instructions do not mention if you have a modern hollow core door.

DSC02875Tools required:

  • -Template provided in kit
  • -Tape measure
  • -Tape
  • -Pen
  • -Screw driver
  • -Level
  • -Drill
  • -Dremel or other cutting device

Use measuring tape to find and mark the center of the door with the pen.

DSC02868Tape the template to the door and use the level to make sure it is straight

DSC02869Trace around the template with your pen

DSC02871Drill holes through the door at each corner

   Note: make sure you drill is level and straight

Use holes on reverse side of door to transfer template to the other side

DSC02870Trace around the template with your pen on the other side of the door

Now, you have to be careful choosing a tool to cut the door.  I used a dremel because the outer shell of the door is thin and the foam core will melt with too much heat from a circular saw or angle grinder.  Also, these doors tend to be too flimsy to use devices that cut through both sides such as a reciprocating saw or jigsaw.


Even the Dremel melted the shell a bit

Cut through the shell on both sides of the door following the lines traced from your template


Afterwards, use the dremel to cut through the foam from both sides until the core pops out.

Last, insert the pet door and install as per manufacturer’s recommendations


Now Stinky can come and go as he pleases 🙂

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